Tighe and Company adopt a commercial and proactive approach to your tax planning. Our team have the knowledge and expertise to advise owner-managed businesses and SMEs on all aspects of Irish taxation.

We are up to date with the latest developments in tax legislation and have the expertise to advise tax planning initiatives which will help to minimise your tax liabilities and operate your business more effectively.

We can handle all statutory tax-filing and payment obligations in a timely and efficient manner, and add value by availing of all available deductions and reliefs.


Corporation Tax

We develop effective strategies for your business so that you profit from the low rate of corporation tax. We also provide full comprehensive corporation tax compliance for all our client companies.

Income Tax

We provide and process annual tax returns, including rental income if appropriate, and provide advice on relevant tax reliefs and credits for owner-managers and private clients to help minimise their tax liability and ensure full compliance with tax legislation.


We assist clients to comply with their VAT obligations, helping them to avoid fines and penalties. We complete VAT returns. We advise in relation to VAT on property and complex transactions.

Capital Gains Tax

We provide tax advice in efficient ways of holding property and will monitor the property market in order to recommend the most appropriate time for a purchase or sale, along with complying with all tax regulations.

Capital Acquisitions Tax

We provide advice in relation to developing a plan in order to minimise your capital acquisition tax liability when transferring assets to a member of your family or third party individuals.

Revenue Audits & Investigations

Revenue audits are a regular feature of Tax compliance and with the Revenue’s use of its computer-based profiling system REAP (Risk, Evaluation, Analysis & Profiling) and additional information it can gain from tax returns filed on other systems etc. Directors must file returns in a compliant and a timely manner.


We offer a complete PAYE/PRSI compliance service to ensure that you meet all of your payroll tax obligations and advise on ways tax savings can be made.

Stamp Duty

We provide advice in relation to written contracts including properties which are liable to stamp duty under Irish law. We can help you compute your stamp duty liability and also advise on how to structure the purchase.

Sucession Planning

With our years of experience working with family businesses, we can help you develop a strategy to exit your business and extract value in a manner or pass on the business to family members during and after your lifetime in a tax efficient, fair and equitable way.

Retirement Planning

We make it our priority to understand your personal objectives with an efficient tax planning to fulfil your wishes for retirement.

Asset Protection

We assist in developing strategies that will protect all of your assets, whether it is property, a company or even plant and machinery.

Wealth Protection

We advise on all aspects of personal wealth in all eventualities including separation, divorce and death. We believe that good planning will help you to maintain your wealth.

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